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About Varied / Hobbyist Core Member Maylis Vigouroux18/Female/France Group :iconclub-dessinateurs: Club-Dessinateurs
Partagez vos créations.
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Given by LunaShiny
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Art Status

:bulletpink:Art Status:bulletpink:

-Friends only
-Friends only
-At 50,000 pageviews I organize a lottery
-Closed forever

If you are interested, comment on my profile page or note me!
Art Status Buttons are by themaunster Button at the bottom is made by my dear and wonderful mum Misical ;v; Thank you so much!

To do list

:bulletpink:To do list:bulletpink:

:bulletred:For Others:bulletred:
TAG from Kayra-WolfyCrazywolfsBlouBellLouis-Michel-Ist
VanoVaemone and Misicalx2-Not started-
Background for Crazywolfs -Not started-
Character design for LunaShiny -Not started-
Les Suppots d'Ellyon -partie 2 -Working on-

:bulletred:For Myself:bulletred:
Yamoru's tattoo ref -Coloring-
100 Theme Challenge-42/100-

:bulletorange:L'Ange, le loup et la Forêt Tome 1::bulletorange:

71/71 pages sketched
33/71 pages inked
32/71 pages finished

:bulletorange:L'Ange, le loup et la Forêt Tome 2::bulletorange:

71/71 pages sketched
0/71 page inked
0/71 page finished

:bulletorange:L'Ange, le loup et la Forêt Tome 3::bulletorange:

86/86 pages sketched
0/86 page inked
0/86 page finished

Okay now you can kill me…

:bulletorange:L'Ange, le loup et la Forêt Tome 4::bulletorange:

(Not decided for the title yet, it will probably change)

69/? pages sketched
0/? page inked
0/? page finished

:bulletorange:Son Of Whales:bulletorange:
Chap 1 -written-
Chap 2 -written-
Chap 3 -being written-

:bulletorange:The Wanderer:bulletorange:
Story -100% written-
Character design -done-
Illustrations -Storyboard done-

:bulletblue:Wating Art from::bulletblue:

:bulletpurple: Commission from Neyveah paid
:bulletpurple: Part of our Art Trade with Muffycake since February 2013
:bulletpurple: Part of our ATs with xXMadyXx

My family and awesome people

.♥. Grand-parents .♥.

.♥. Père. Mère .♥.

.♥. Sœurs .♥.

.♥. Oncles. Tante .♥.

.♥. Grand-Cousins. Grandes-Cousines .♥.

.♥. Maid .♥. .♥. Chat .♥.
:iconkazhnuz: :iconalex-the-black-cat:

.♥. Friends .♥.
Not in order

my real father of course :iconkisemlev: and so many others!

.♥. Fille scarabée .♥.

.♥. Sensei de la Corruption .♥.

.♥. Mon master du dessin .♥.

I support

Stamp Elias by VanoVaemoneStamp TdR by VanoVaemonePC Stamp 03 by Illusion-NoirePC Stamp 04 by Illusion-NoireStamp The Wind by xThe-WindxStamp Lara Jack by Kayra-WolfyPC Stamp 05 by Illusion-NoirePC Stamp 02 by Illusion-NoirePC Stamp 01 by Illusion-NoireStamp Support viking by Illusion-Noire+ I-support-Phyphydi stamp + by Sevenlole+ I-support-TheLast-Rebel stamp + by Sevenlole+ I-support-Sevenlole stamp + by SevenloleStamp Innocence by Kayra-WolfyStamp WILD by MisicalStamp Arthropodia by Fruit-SauvageStamp pink-tails by MisicalFan Stamp pour QueenOfDogz by MayVigStamp Fruit-Sauvage by MisicalStamp Support Castel-Eown by Illusion-NoireSupport Loyal by MisicalStamp misical by MisicalStamp team wild by Misical.:Kayra Stamp:. by ReijiNoHanaStamp xxmadyxx by Kayra-Wolfy.: ReijiNoHana Stamp :. by Shady-Fuyuzora.: Castel Stamp :. by HiddenPiecesVenima Stamp. by Calavera-Garbancera+ I-support-Vy'Rah stamp + by Sevenlole+ I-support-Brooklyn stamp + by Sevenlole+ I-support-Nodinou stamp + by SevenloleStamp Keigi by Kayra-WolfyStamp Nanti by MisicalStamp Night by MisicalStamp Celian by MisicalStamp Ombresse by MisicalStamp Minami by MisicalStamp Feiza Styx by MisicalStamp keigi by Illusion-NoireStamp CelianXInaya by MisicalStamp Kaleos by MisicalStamp Wiskas by MisicalStamp Tuomas by MisicalStamp CrepusculeXTuomas by MisicalStamp hell by MisicalStamp EllyonxLilith by MisicalStamp Aegis by MisicalStamp ombressegis by MisicalStamp Caleb oops by MisicalStamp Styx by MisicalStamp orion by MisicalStamp Amwah by Kayra-WolfyMARIANNA AND KEIGI : KISS by xXMadyXxMARIANNA AND KEIGI by xXMadyXxStamp Kaymiu by Kayra-WolfyStamp Selioth x Molly. by Calavera-Garbancera.:Tervhick Stamp:. by ReijiNoHanaStamp Irina.Space by Kayra-WolfyAnthelme and Liora Stamp 2. by Calavera-GarbanceraStamp Rhea by Illusion-NoireStamp Sephyra by Illusion-NoireStamp rawr by MisicalGaliel Stamp. by Calavera-GarbanceraStamp Aokura by Illusion-NoireStamp Athena. by Calavera-GarbanceraStamp Iden by Illusion-NoireStamp Jael by Illusion-NoireStamp Nelson by Illusion-NoireStamp Nahru by Illusion-NoireStamp Athem by Illusion-NoireStamp Hayet by MisicalStamp silas by Calavera-GarbanceraStamp squid by MisicalFan Stamp JEAN-CLAUUUUUUUDE Q3Q by MayVigStamp2 by Devil-ShuStamp Dhrona ab Kraid by CaelaSephyraNewen  smile by Devil-ShuStamp Ancetre by MisicalMucha Stamp by BarukuriiSea Shepherd Stamp by EncounterEtherealMononoke Kodama Stamp by TwilightProwlerPrincess Mononoke Stamp by TwilightProwlerStamp Pavel x Pumani. by Calavera-GarbanceraCharacter Abuse by StamPorMoleJohn Howe stamp by AmarieVeanne


My little Pavel drawn by the awesomely kick-ass artist HJeojeo :heart: Thank you so much! :heart:

Coucou mes petits chéris! J'ai une amie qui cherche un hébergement sur Paris l'histoire de quelques jours en mars… 

3 deviants said Ce serait super doux si quelqu'un pouvait l'aider! Elle est super gentille! ; v ;
1 deviant said Et puis vraiment ça l'aiderait beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup!
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Commission Prices

Mon Jan 18, 2016, 2:30 PM
Skin coded by CypherVisor

Sooooo some times ago I said I'll redo my commission price list.
And I explain the resons here so you can have a look! ^v^

So here's my new commission price list!

General informations:

  • 1€=100points

  • Click on the name of the commission to get an example.

  • Prices are for one character without background or a simple circle behind.

  • I do: Humans, anthros, animals, fan characters (Sonic, MLP everything you want but I'll use my own style to draw them! Ah ah ah ah! Be prepared!), never tried mechas but I probably can do it, gore (oh yeah~!), erotic things, nudes, many types of couples.

    Ask me if you don't know if I can do what you want but I can draw a loooooot of things!

  • I don't: porn, offensive drawings (I never been asked for such demand but we never know… I'll say it of it's too much for me)

  • The second character on the same drawing is 20% off. 


(rough, quick colouring, lights and colours as background)

Hood by MayVig

  1. Portrait: 1000 points  or 10€

  2. Waist up: 1500 points or 15€

  3. Full body: 2000 points or 20€

 (very clean lines, simple but clean coulouring)

Commission for Misical by MayVig Follow me by MayVigGirlyyyyyy... Okay the last one by MayVig

  1. Portrait: 1200 points  or 12€

  2. Waist up: 1700 points or 17€

  3. Full body: 2200 points or 22€

(very clean lines, simple but clean colouring, cell shades)

Ballet by MayVig Seiko by MayVig Zephyr Portrait by MayVig

  1. Portrait: 1500 points or 15€

  2. Waist up: 2000 points or 20€

  3. Full body: 2500 points or 25€

(sketchy lines, complex colouring, semi-realistic shades)

Commission for LadyRoga by MayVig Sinking by MayVig Birthday Gift for Shadtty by MayVig

  1. Portrait: 1800 points or 18€

  2. Waist up: 2300 points or 23€

  3. Full body: 2800 points or 28€

(very clean lines, simple colouring, shades depending on the style)

Chibi Theis by MayVig Birthday gift for KyokiNoRozuuuuuuuu by MayVig Pouvoir de l'innoceeeeeeeence! by MayVig

  1. Flat colored: 1500 points or 15€

  2. Cell Shaded: 1700 points or 17€

  3. Semi-realistic shading: 2100 points or 21€

(drawn by my left hand Gontrand, only busts, tremulous lovely lines and last but not least: full of love :heart:)

Siord-Shayne by MayVig Lycosia by MayVig Amandier by MayVig Divoyd by MayVig Florentz Sketch by MayVig

  1. Grey scales: 500 points or 5€

  2. Coloured: 700 points or 7€

(Hard and long work of conception with a lot of modifications to make with you to create the exact character you got in mind, a semi-realistic drawing of your character, two side views in flat colours, details, accessories, informations, color schemes, etc.) I can creat animals, fantastic creatures, anthros, humans but not mechas or fan characters (depending on which universe, ask me). 

Character Design Commission: Chi by MayVig

  1. 10 000 points or 100€ (for the usual complex sheet)

  2. 4000 points or 40€ (for a cell shaded drawing of the character and the flat coloured version of it)

If you want a background add 700 points or 7€ for a flat couloured one, 1000 points or 10€ for a cell shaded and 2000 points or 20€ for a semi-realistic. (the last one isn't a very good example, I can do much better…)

I'll ask 400 points or 4€ to add an animal-creature/for a very complex design
(I don't think I'll ever see a character design complex enough to ask for this price adding but we never know…)/big and complex accessories

Once again, these prices mean that I'll put all my heart in your commissions, I'll show you the sketch if you want, I'll can make modifications if it doesn't pleases you and I'll take time to do my best for you!

Thanks for your reading and understanding! :heart:

  • Mood: Happy Tears
  • Listening to: Frank Zappa
  • Reading: Poules : Guide complet de l'éleveur amateur
  • Watching: Krull
  • Eating: Spinach
  • Drinking: Coffee

Who am I ?

Hi guys!
My name is Maylis Vigouroux but call me MayVig or May!
I live in France in the beautiful Loire Valley.
I love to draw characters and I make a comic which is called "The angel, the wolf and the Forest"go to see the pages in my gallery!
I love to talk with people, make new friends and make art trades, contests, commissions…
I'm 18 years old and I draw since I can take a pencil in my hands!
I love bright colors, tattoos, japanese and ethnic arts, the comic writer Moebius, Mucha, Bilibline, Egon Schiele, folklores, legends, whales, forests, nature and a lot of stuff!
I learn English for 11 years now but I still need improove it!
I can understand and write a little bit Russian but I learn it only for 5 years so it's so so.
I think that's all!
So don't hesitate to visit my gallery!


If you had a bad day, you should click on this picture and listen!

Character Zorino © Hergé

Awesome pixel art


Art by BlouBell Thanks so much for this drawing of Poornima! Really guys go to watch this awesome artist, she draws pure pieces of wonderfulness! ; 7 ; :heart:

Art by Others

More art for me here
Thank you so much guys I love you! :heart:



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